19 February 2018

Back to Basics - Post Election Thoughts

Written November 13th, 2016:

If you've popped over here from Twitter to be sure I'm not a bot, let me assure you I'm very much a live person with flaws, foibles, and thoughts that struggle not to exceed 140 characters. I hated twitter until this election cycle.  It seemed too silly, too fast, too limited. However, I discovered it to be a blessing from July onward. Quick links to news, stats, and research points was welcome amidst the turmoil and, I admit, over-bloody-whelming information overload.  I took both sides with a grain of salt post primaries.  As I drilled down, that rapidly changed.

The brutal, vicious rhetoric of rallies and surrogates spinning lies for pay damaged my trust in the Fourth Estate.  It has not recovered and probably won't until they critically assess profit vs duty to public in an open way with public [not government] input.  They failed to research and fact check; I could not, as a citizen, afford to do the same. I voted and I wish that could just be the end of it, truly. I wish I could trust the media to alert me to issues of relevance with complete research not bites and bits flashing half-assed hype. I wish I could trust the voice of the barely 1/4 of Americans that elected this man had the best interest of everyone in mind.

10 September 2016

The Directed Mob

I do not have cable or satellite television; haven't since mid-2001, once the analog stations went digital I was ready to live without them.  I read news online from a variety of sources.  I prefer the variety of Real People discussing the news rather than a Talking Head reading me bits and pieces, so I frequently - OK, always - scroll the comment boards when available.  So, I confess, I'm fascinated by the fact that for every one story about Clinton there are eight to ten articles about Trump. The media corporations that were once the Fourth Estate are captivated by his Game Show; enthralled by the outrageous, enchanted by the hits, and eager to pretend they don't understand how they created this ... mess ... and now have no idea what to do with it, though that doesn't stop them from analyzing the phenomenon and whispering amongst themselves, "Oh Lordy, Miss Scarlet, what's to become of us?!"

Tonight I watched one article by the Washington Post achieve approximately 200 posts in 10 minutes.  The pace has not slowed down and it's been over three hours now.  The Washington Post must be so gratified, until or unless they read the comments.  It's one of those can't look away/ don't really want to see it type of things.

31 December 2014

It's Another New Year's Eve

One year ends, another begins.  
Seems I’ve noticed this happening before.  I’m no more excited about this year than I was about last year.  It will have the usual adventures common to all: plumbing that picks the most inconvenient hour to quit working, vehicular challenges that arrive unannounced and computers that glitch no matter how frequently you update.  Colds will remain incurable and will wear you out, stomach bugs will take a week to work through everyone in the house, and someone will spill the shampoo in the shower but no one knows who that someone was.  It will continue to be my lot in life to have but four sheets of toilet paper remaining when I enter the bathroom.  No one will hear my pleas for assistance until I shriek like a banshee [it is as humiliating as it sounds, truly]. Undoubtedly there will be a mix of good days, bad days and days where I wonder how I could think it was Wednesday until 2 o’clock in the afternoon when I realized it was Tuesday.  And so, instead of resolutions, since I am an Old Biddy, this year I’m predicting the future.  Laugh with me….

30 September 2014

What I Did - And Didn't Do - For Summer Vacation

Natter, gabble, nonsense, stuff, blah blah blah

Coming as soon as I can import my fat file without blowing a hole in the space time continuum.

Until then .... pretty image to gaze at (click to see the larger image by Thomas Ender Blick Vom Nussberg)